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Join us in the fight to end the crisis and transform the future of global mental health.

Within less than a year of launching, Ignites pilot US Campus program scaled to 100+ campuses in 33+ states (later waitlisting applications from students on 1000+ campuses in all 50 states). An innovation focused student-powered vehicle working to catalyze the scalable solutions & policy changes needed to end the crisis and transform the future of mental health. For decades to come.

"Laser focused, rapidly growing & nationwide"

Our Approach
Ignite Mobilizer
Ignite Accelerator

"When it's mandated by law, it gets achieved".

"To succeed in ensuring every student is equipped with the ability to effectively manage their mental health, it must be mandated by law".

State educational policies similar in substance to New York's, mandating K-12 mental health education for every high-school student or California's, establishing a target minimum councilor ratio for every public college, need to be scaled from a handful of states to every state."



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