Join us in the fight to end the crisis and transform the future of student mental health literacy and access.

Within less than a year Ignite has became a nationwide student-powered effort working to catalyze the legislative changes and scalable solutions needed to achieve The Goal of equipping every student with a standard measure of mental health literacy and access.

"A student-powered nationwide effort."

How we're achieving The Goal
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"When it's mandated by law, it gets achieved".

"To succeed in ensuring every student is equipped with a basic measure of mental health literacy and access, it must be mandated by law. Once it is, high-schools & colleges will be both required and helped to comply. 

Educational policies similar in substance to New York's, mandating k-12 mental health education for every high-school student or California's, establishing a target minimum councilor ratio for every public college, need to be scaled from a handful of states to every state."


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