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Impossible Made Inevitable.

Join us in the fight to accelerate solutions in mental health

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At Ignite, we come to work everyday because we want to solve the most pressing problems in mental health. We all have lived experience with the pain caused by how ineffective our current approaches are so we're not relying on others to create the 'next big thing', we're out there building it, growing it and improving it!

As a non-profit venture builder and accelerator for world class mental health entrepreneurs, Ignite builds and scales impact driven movements, organizations and products unafraid of transforming traditional approaches to address some of the biggest problems impacting mental health globally.

Our mission

To accelerate the solutions needed to provide everybody in the world with the hope, knowledge, access to resources and supportive community needed to avoid, overcome or effectively manage mental health challenges.

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To us, conventional thinking means status-quo results. We don't settle. Instead we ask tough questions focused on root causes, go where the evidence takes us, and bring together world experts, philanthropists and teams to make it happen.

And though the scale of the world's mental health problems is great, our ability to resolve them together, is greater.

“Ignite is a place where people want to solve really big problems”


If you are serious about solving some of the biggest problems affecting mental health - and our team will take on nothing less - it requires bringing together some of our best minds and entrepreneurs in an ecosystem where true innovation, unconventional thinking and creativity will thrive. Those elements of culture are very much alive at Ignite. 

- S.B

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Some organizations we're venture building & incubating  

At Ignite we’re focused on tackling root causes vs fixing symptoms. That is why we are committed to venture building and supporting founders and organizations who are capable of transforming global mental health.


Working towards a goal of presence on 70% of US High School and University campuses, CTN is working to catalyze a change in societal norms surrounding mental health, but at scale. Change The Norm is working to connect the thousands of student groups on University and High School campuses through out the US, passionate about improving mental health with the highest quality evidence based approaches and tool kits to do so.

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Suportal is a solutions based platform designed to push peer support to the front lines of mental healthcare. By implementing public health and user data analysis to identify the best existing organizations, Suportal aims to unite the best of the best in a fight against isolation



Transform. is working to connect the millions of dollars in donations and goodwill to worthy mental health projects, globally, via a public transparent crowdfunding platform.

They hate the analogy but to explain simply, imagine but for mental health.


Doc Wayne