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Together we can equip every student with the ability to avoid, overcome or effectively manage any mental health challenge.

The beginning

From purpose to vision

The question was soon posed 'how do we translate our audacious vision into clearly measurable goals and unite the most capable people in the world to achieve them, in the shortest possible time?


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From pain to purpose

Unaware of the effects his ADHD medications & black mold exposure were having, temporarily homeless and lacking basic mental health literacy, Ignite's soon to be founder experienced just how broken our system really is. 

Realizing how lucky he was to fully and quickly recover, he had one goal. To make sure nobody had to experience the avoidable suffering he did. Ignite was born. 

A vision becomes a movement

Ignite quickly grew to attract a phenomenal team, leading academics, entrepreneurs and students; refusing to accept the status quo, intent to transform the future of mental health.


When President John. F Kennedy said we would put a man on the moon within a decade, the genius of his original moonshot was the fact that he said we don't know how to do it but we were going to find a way, not because it was easy but because it was hard and important.

Throughout the course of history, we’ve seen that when driven people set their minds to ambitious goals they can make the once impossible, possible.

Moonshot thinking is about just that — having the courage to commit and double down on difficult goals which when achieved will redefine humanity as we know it. 


​​​​At Ignite we're brought together a world-class  team committed to building a vehicle for social change capable of achieving the Moonshot Goals needed to transform the future of student mental health.

At a glance

VISION: A world where every student has the ability to avoid, overcome or effectively manage any mental health challenge.

MENTAL HEALTH MOONSHOTS: Signup to keep updated with the development of our 5 Mental Health Moonshots. Our initial focus will continue on our Preventative/Early Education and Access Moonshots. Specifically K-12 mandated mental health education and access. 


Accelerating and venture building the startup innovations and scalable solutions needed to transform mental health literacy and access. Through connecting them with the resources they need to achieve their goals faster, we catalyze the collective achievement towards our Goal. 


In tandem with Ignite Mobilizer, Ignite Accelerator is tasked with catalyzing the solutions needed to achieve The Goals. 

Ignite Mobilizer

Catalyzing the state and federal legislative changes needed to achieve The Goal.

Tasked with catalyzing the legislative changes needed to achieve The Goals.

Creating this world requires not only radical collaboration but a firm commitment to constant experimentation, iteration and change. Over the past two years we have viewed every experiment as the opportunity to create, prove and share new concepts. Some of these help correct our assumptions, and some of them have forever changed the way we operate. But all of them move us closer towards a world free of suffering.

Nationwide pilot semester

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  • Spring 2020: Pilot semester launched in 33+ States across the nation. 

  • Fall 2020: Scaling 2.0 model to 1000+ college campuses in all 50 states.

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