Fighting to end avoidable mental health suffering through acceleration and mobilization

The beginning

From purpose to vision

The question was soon posed 'how do we translate our audacious  vision into measurable goals and unite the most capable people in the world to achieve them, in the shortest possible time?


The answer? After 9 months of iteration came our 3 Utopian Goals & ‘Our Approach’. It's not complicated. We've simply iterated and built upon two approaches which have succeeded phenomenally well in addressing other complex social problems and applied them to mental health. 

From pain to purpose

Lacking basic mental health literacy, unaware of the effects his ADHD meds were having, and temporarily homeless; during 2015 - 2018, Ignite's soon to be Founder, Sean Burke, experienced first hand just how broken our system really is. 

Realizing how lucky he was to fully recover, he's had one mission - to fix it, and make sure no student would ever have to experience the preventable suffering he did. Ignite was born.

A vision becomes a movement

Ignite quickly grew to attract a phenomenal Founding Team, leading academics, entrepreneurs and students; refusing to accept the status quo, intent to transform the future of mental health.

Nationwide mobilizer network

  • 33+ States across the nation 

  • Targeting 1.5+ million students

  • Reaching 2.2+ million students

Special thanks to

Harvard Innovation Lab

Harvard Business School Campus

Allston, 02164

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