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Catalyzing the policy, legislative and budgetary changes needed to end the crisis and transform the future of student mental health.

The beginning

From purpose to vision

Sean soon posed the question 'how do we translate our audacious vision into clearly measurable goals and unite the most capable people in the world to achieve them, in the shortest possible time?


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From pain to purpose

Unaware of the effects his ADHD meds/digestive issues were having, temporarily homeless and lacking basic mental health literacy; during 2015 & 2016, Ignite's soon to be Founder, Sean experienced first hand just how broken our system really is. 

Realizing how lucky he was to fully recover, since then he's had one mission - to fix it, and make sure no student would ever have to experience the avoidable suffering he did. Ignite was born.


A vision becomes a movement

Ignite quickly grew to attract a phenomenal Founding Team, leading academics, entrepreneurs and students; refusing to accept the status quo, intent to transform the future of mental health.

At a glance

Nationwide mobilizer network

Vision: A world where every student has the ability to avoid, overcome or effectively manage any mental health challenge. 

Mission: A basic measure of mental health literacy and access achieved on every high school and college campus.


5-10 Year Policy Goals: The 2021 - 2026 Ignite Policy and Action GamePlan is currently being formulated in conjunction with legislative experts, policy makers, University Changemakers and other stakeholders across America. 

The 2020 - 2026 GamePlan is scheduled for finalization by early 2021. It will set out a clear directive for measurable progress towards state legislation mandating both k-12 mental health education and minimum high-school & college councilor ratios in all 50 states. 

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  • 33+ States across the nation 

  • Targeting 1.5+ million students

  • Reaching 2.2+ million students

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